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  • Apr062016

    10 Steps To Declutter Your Closet : Part II

    Part II: Let's finish up strong..... Last week, we laid groundwork for getting the space (and our mind) ready to…

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  • Mar302016

    10 Steps To Declutter Your Closet : Part I

    Part I: Let's start with the easy stuff..... It could be termed "psychological warfare" because cleaning your closet can really…

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  • Apr182014

    How-to Spring Clean Your Closet

    I'm a big fan of TopShelf Clothes (indeed I even talk about them in my book, Without Saying A Word)…

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  • Apr272010

    Spring Cleaning Tips: #4 (sweaters & bottoms)

    Men & sweaters: these should be a staple in your wardrobe and, like crayola, come in many colors and styles. …

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  • Apr202010

    Spring Cleaning Tips: #3 (pants & shoes)

    Men & pants: just like the ladies, if you're having trouble fastening the last button, (take a silent moment) and…

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  • Apr092010

    Spring Cleaning Tips: #2 (shirts & sweaters)

    Men & shirts: a few have little itsy bitsy teeny holes in them...likely from keeping the plastic on them so,…

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  • Apr062010

    Spring Cleaning Tips: #1 (shoes & tees)

    Men & shoes: remove empty shoe boxes, discard any casual shoes older than four years and with more than a…

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  • Mar292010

    Spring has Sprung!

    Look what's coming to Blueprint for Style in APRIL: Sequins during the day .... unheard of! Too Many Mags to…

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  • Mar092010

    Trash Your Closet for Spring!

    You heard right - the best way to welcome spring is by 'trashing your closet'.  You've got tons of stuff…

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