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Spring Cleaning Tips: #3 (pants & shoes)

Spring Cleaning Tips: #3 (pants & shoes)
2010/04/20 Maya H.
  • Men & pants: just like the ladies, if you're having trouble fastening the last button, (take a silent moment) and agree to let them go!  If you're under 45 and your pants have darts/inverted pleats, please discard them.  and for the professional man, if you own more than three pairs of sweats, please explain....because all of your work and outings don't even lend themselves to having that many- trash them.
  • Women & shoes: this is a sensitive subject so let's start small....first, any shoes that you cannot walk in after 1-hour should be donated (walking funny is not stylish)!!  Next, shoes that have knarled up heels and you haven't gotten them re-done, chuck 'em in a bag and get them to a cobbler!!  Last big step: any shoes that you have paid less than $50 (we all have them) but have mistreated, and are not looking like houseshoes or the likes, march them to the trash (you didn't take care of them and the investment to get them roadworthy is more than the price of the shoe)!!!

♥ Time used & money saved: the respective exercises should take 75-minutes; at least $450 a year saved by men in not drycleaning unusable pants and tax deductions; and upwards of $600+ saved by women in tax deductions and savings of new shoes not purchased because you fixed the old ones!!