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  • Aug252014
    pants trolley, closet organization

    Men & Their Pants

    Space can be a problem for many of us( (I'm included) and while that can sometimes be because we on…

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  • Feb032014

    Manly Mondays: Navy Blue Pants

    Navy blue chinos are a must-have for men. They work for casual Fridays, dress up nicely with a sportscoat, and…

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  • Mar282012

    Like, Love, Lust, or Leave It?

    I've been looking at these and going back and forth..... wide trousers are not typically flattering for ladies with hips…

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  • Jan072011

    Top Two Trends To Invest In: Tuxedo Pants

    I am in love with tuxedo pants as the ultimate fail-safe for any After-5 outing.  First off, pants are comfortable…

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  • Apr272010

    Spring Cleaning Tips: #4 (sweaters & bottoms)

    Men & sweaters: these should be a staple in your wardrobe and, like crayola, come in many colors and styles. …

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  • Apr202010

    Spring Cleaning Tips: #3 (pants & shoes)

    Men & pants: just like the ladies, if you're having trouble fastening the last button, (take a silent moment) and…

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  • Sep052009

    Common Theme with the Fellas… Keep It Casual

    In the same vein as "keepin' it casual", a very chic men's designer boutique called Glass Boutique, based in the…

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