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Spring Cleaning Tips: #1 (shoes & tees)

Spring Cleaning Tips: #1 (shoes & tees)
2010/04/06 Maya H.
  • Men & shoes: remove empty shoe boxes, discard any casual shoes older than four years and with more than a 1-inch sole, and throw away any shoe you've been 'planning' to get re-soled across the last year and haven' haven't worn it and obviously didn't miss it!
  • Women & tees: 'search and destroy' any tees with stains (or turn them into cleaning rags), throw away all tees with underarm stains (you know you have them....tsk tsk tsk), and chuck any tee that doesn't at least hit at your hipbone...because they're now too small and only good for your younger sibling!

♥ Time used & money saved: the respective exercises should take 1-hour; at least $200 a year saved in not laundering unusable tees and re-soling fees for shoes you didn't really want anyway!!