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From Runway to Sidewalk

From Runway to Sidewalk
2010/04/06 Maya H.

You'll see and hear about the runway fashions and the proverbial "they" will tell you what to wear to look hot...but if you listen too closely, you'll likely look a little kooky and feel a little ill with all of the money you've blown and style goodwill expended.

With that said, one of the biggest spring trends has been short, short, short...and a little shorter!  If you're not in shape or have added a few pounds to stave off the winter winds then this may be a trend you should hold on.

If you decide to 'just do it' and live lively, then check out Eskell's Spring CollectionThe outfits are short but, they're springy, reminiscent of 70s glam, and they're dresses which make everything more reasonable!  The prices are reasonable but not too bargain-basement but, the shapes and patterns make them ideal for work to 'out'!

411: Eskell [Chicago designer]...1509 N. Milwaukee Ave @ Honore St (773-486-0830).