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Navy Blue is Nautical

Navy Blue is Nautical
2010/01/14 Maya H.

...Or at least that's the color that comes to mind when I think of anything nautical, and this shawl collar sweater is exactly what I'd throw on when heading out to sea.  This 525 America sweater is nothing stellar but the large horizontal stripes work well to conceal any imperfections; the bright green color in contrast to the navy is an added bit of cheer; the large button detail is just a little something extra; and the oversized shawl collar opening allows it to be work alone, with a crew or v-neck, or a turtleneck if it's chilly.

Even if you're not heading out on the water (it is a bit chilly just about everywhere), the color and styling definitely help to beat the winter blues....and at $98, it makes you one step closer to being ready for spring!