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Rest Well in Eight Moves

Rest Well in Eight Moves
2014/03/18 Better Blueprint

The last month or so I've been having a lot of restless nights. Sure, there's some stuff on my mind (poor Julia will tell you as I cheerfully chattered in my sleep while at the Salamander Resort) but, I needed some R.E.M. sleep.

R.E.M. (or Rapid Eye Movement) sleep is what your body and mind need to rejuvenate and wake up feeling refreshed. I don't think I've been getting it so, I hit the 'net and found yoga.

I share with you eight yoga moves (cat and cow, downward-facing dog, legs-up-the-wall, savasana, and more) that I've been doing for several nights and now swear by - they calm me and truly get me ready to slumber. Try, be amazed, and be sleepy.