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Archive for July, 2015

  • Jul312015

    Stylish Reading: In My Shoes

    In My Shoes, Tamara Mellon Solid read... I have MUCH respect for Tamara Mellon especially given her humble and pedestrian…

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  • Jul272015
    Stanley's Pharmacy, New York City

    On The Road: New York City Drug Cocktails

    We all love the Big Apple and there's always something new to discover while moving about the overcrowded, opportunistic city.…

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  • Jul252015
    Gain Flings, detergent

    My Scent Obsession…With Laundry Detergent!

    When Monica gets here, she’s not going to be happy with this smell…. Oh Monica, your place always smells so…

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  • Jul222015
    madewell, paris amour tee, t shirt, graphic tee

    My Secret Pursuit: Graphic Tees

    Well let me be more specific because it's not just a t-shirt with writing on it..... I'm looking for those…

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  • Jul202015
    Wyebrook Farm

    Girls Road Trip to Wyebrook Farm

    Wyebrook Farm - you'll love it! A 360-acre sustainable farm that grows just about everything you need to have a…

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  • Jul132015
    Nike Roshe One All Black, sneakers

    Nike Roshe One “All Black” – Thumbs Up or Down?

    The beau of one of my mentors says the sneaker is "a little more than ahh-ight". Understand that his style…

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  • Jul092015
    Bar du Marche, Buenos Aires

    On The Road: Buenos Aires’ Secret Staircase

      Buenos Aires is known for its meat and rightly so. It's so yummy, tender and tasty. Their newest addition…

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  • Jul082015

    [Poll] Which Kim Kardashian Look Do You Like Best?

    I'm not a Kim Kardashian lover but here's what she does with a viciousness: she stays in her sartorial lane (or…

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  • Jul072015
    monthly subscription gift boxes

    Monthly Help With “ME” Time

    The way of monthly subscriptions is frequent, almost rampant but none, as of yet, promote "me" time until now. Monthly…

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  • Jul062015
    Wingtip, men's social club

    MANly Monday: Men’s Social Club, Wingtip

    Bar & Lounge. Game Room. Whisky Room. Golf Simulator. Parlour Rooms. Wine Cellar. Wine Lockers. All available if you're part…

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  • Jul032015
    Kayu cannes raffia clutch

    Ready for the Weekend: Raffia Clutch

    Have you learned that not everything you wear has to "match"? Take this lesson to it will save you…

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  • Jul022015

    Personal Reflection: Advice to My 27 Year Old Self

    I had some thoughts to share with my 27 year old self...and thought "why not share them with you too…

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