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On The Road: Buenos Aires’ Secret Staircase

On The Road: Buenos Aires’ Secret Staircase
2015/07/09 Better Blueprint


Bar du Marche, Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is known for its meat and rightly so. It's so yummy, tender and tasty. Their newest addition for the city of foodies is cheese thus, the go-to place is Bar du Marche.

Bar du Marche is in the city's Palermo Hollywood neighborhood. Argentina already has great wine so throw in the cheese and it's a marriage made in heaven. Chillax long enough and, of course, you'll need to order a steak. Here's what to do next: look for a door hidden to the left of the bar and head upstairs to the private Japanese dining room.

It's where the city's elite hangs out...

On my next visit, I'm definitely going!