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Girls Road Trip to Wyebrook Farm

Girls Road Trip to Wyebrook Farm
2015/07/20 Better Blueprint
In Travel


Wyebrook Farm - you'll love it! A 360-acre sustainable farm that grows just about everything you need to have a delicious meal! Along with four girlfriends, we did the 118 mile trek to Honey Brook, PA and collectively, fell in love. Separately, we've all planned return trips too!!

You'll love it because it's a breathe of fresh air. You can walk the grounds to see the pigs eating (bacon!!!), the herb garden, watch the cows roam, or head to the market and act up like we did. I scooped Ghee (the best part of butter), grilling salt (remember I'm using my deck as often as possible), and a host of other items.

Note sure why I didn't carry a cooler to take home some fresh meats but, know that I won't forget next time!! In the meantime, my brunch consisted of cheddar grits, bacon (savory and delicious), and sampling everyone else's dishes.

FYI- it's BYOB (bring your own booze) so we went through four (or five) bottles of Prosecco and bubbly....

Wyebrook Farm