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Archive for January, 2013

  • Jan312013

    No Hotel Wi-Fi Fees

    This is for the travelers, bloggers, tech-addicted ad anyone who has traveled and returned home to huge international roaming charges…

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  • Jan292013

    The 25 Most Expensive Stores In the United States

    Which ones do you shop at regularly? Here's how the most expensive stores in the United States were determined:…

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  • Jan272013

    Do “Vintage” Long Hair [VIDEO]

    I don't have long hair but, if I did, the vintage look would be me. What about you? Ever wonder…

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  • Jan252013

    The Belle of the Ball

    That was me! Not sure if I was supposed to be but, the 2013 Ambassadors Ball at Carnegie Library (across…

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  • Jan252013

    Fashionable Fitness Bits n Bots

    It's winter and, if you're like me, you have to battle your inner demons along with the outside temperatures to…

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  • Jan222013

    Men’s Facial Hair

    "Back in the day" having facial hair meant you simply needed to have the genes that allowed for fruitful growth…

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  • Jan212013

    2013 Ambassadors Inaugural Ball

    It's time! Today I'll be heading to the 2013 Ambassadors Inaugural Ball and although POTUS and wife will not be…

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  • Jan162013

    Extra Edge With Grommets & Gold

    I've been slipping on my plus-size insights and while many of the posts are flexible enough to size up (or…

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  • Jan142013

    Not So Basic Black

    Black is not only a basic but, "the" basic, right? It's the go-to color for the majority of folks and…

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  • Jan082013

    Wall Street, Custom Suits & Men’s Aversion to Fashion [Video]

    WSJ talk with contributor J.J. Martin about the new style standard for men of means ~ the custom suit. The…

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  • Jan052013

    52 Week Money Challenge

    Want a fairly painless way to save $1,378 this year? Take the 52-week Money Challenge ~ each week you deposit the…

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  • Jan042013

    Why Style Resolutions Matter & What They Should Be

    Perhaps counter to popular thought, my style resolutions were not very easy to put together...albeit a tad less complicated given…

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  • Jan032013

    Use Your Rubbers

    Swims is the ultimate in protection (not Trojans) but, if you're interested in hanging loose, we love love love Prada's…

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