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Men’s Facial Hair

Men’s Facial Hair
2013/01/22 Better Blueprint

"Back in the day" having facial hair meant you simply needed to have the genes that allowed for fruitful growth but, that was then and this is now. Today, you need to trim it up and make it neat to win any double-takes or brownie points with the ladies.

I had a chance to see facial hair done right the other day....he has it trimmed just perfectly around the lips, the sides come down to meet the beard without looking too Marlboro-man, and the beard itself is full but not bushy. Perfect!!

I'll need to inquire around his specific upkeep but here are some great tips and must-haves compliments of The Grooming Lounge:

  1. A quality trimmer
  2. A daily care regiment that includes washing, conditioning and exfoliating like this

Or just head to Christopher's men's grooming lounge, 705 H Street NE Washington, DC 20002 and ask for Christopher himself...mention Blueprint for Style and he'll hook you up!