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Save Face Right Now!

Save Face Right Now!
2015/11/12 Better Blueprint

innovative skincare, mens grooming, skincare

There is a clear trend toward men being more concerned about their skin care - you only get one face so why not spend a little time and money to make sure it feels and looks great!

You don't need that lavender-scented stuff or some yummy smelling walnut-vanilla cream but just start with great basics.....Innovative Skincare has a 3-step solution that can help you save face!

These pharmaceutical-grade botanical ingredients are chosen specifically for the skincare needs of men. They are clinically proven to help treat the signs of aging on multiple levels, these products also help minimize acne and hyperpigmentation. The For Men Regime includes products that provide antioxidant protection, promote cellular turnover and improve overall skin health.

We're giving away this kit - all you need to do is (1) share one of your skincare concerns on this post and (2) post a comment on any recent blog post. Done! You've got between today and November 25th so spread the word, share the gospel and save face!!