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Men’s Beauty Must Have: Warming Balm

Men’s Beauty Must Have: Warming Balm
2013/07/02 Better Blueprint

Molton Brown, sportbalm, men's beauty

Molton Brown Body-Warming Sportbalm

It sounds like an oxymoron to say "men's beauty must have" but guys need to take care of themselves too!

I was already looking at this balm, two former athlete-friends mentioned it and then I saw it featured in a I'm sure you're supposed to have this

Molton Brown is already a recognized name in beauty ~ not too fem but not too sterile either.

Molton Brown Body-Warming Sportbalm ($26) promises a little love for pre- and post- exercise but also nourishes the skin with a touch of macadamia oil and cassia bark to deodorize.

Hit the gym, get it in, and then cool down with this warm up!