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Why Style Resolutions Matter & What They Should Be

Why Style Resolutions Matter & What They Should Be
2013/01/04 Better Blueprint

Perhaps counter to popular thought, my style resolutions were not very easy to put together...albeit a tad less complicated given I'd nailed down my 2013 theme and expectations. My style expectations and goals include a full month moratorium on shopping (NO purchases for the entire month of January. It's is in part so I can fully assess what I've got and in part so I'm not tempted by the last minute retailer discounts on items that I don't really need but would love to have). In addition, I'm looking to take all of my basics up a notch but focusing on "balancing" them with more prints and patterns, so no plain tees or tops for the foreseeable future. Additionally, by playing in my major color palettes of navy, red, and camel my wardrobe can dialogue much easier (thanks Claire Distenfeld). And I'm ashamed to say I have a few basics that need to be revisited like some fabulous navy slacks, a navy handbag, and an Aquascutum trench coat.

That said, my last style goals for 2013 are about everyday to-do's: adding more statement jewelry to the war chest, so I'm going to retire some pieces and wait for two key purchases to hit my front porch because I pre-ordered them before they were made available (a Fenton necklace and Kelly Wearstler piece), and wearing dressier items on an everyday basis (thus my new found love for sequins and shiny stuff).

It's simple and while a bit lofty in that it doesn't leave me a lot of room for "buying up the mall", I think it's aspirational!

What are your goals for 2013? Can I provide a few fashion insider insights?

  1. Chose a few stretch goals (you don't have to achieve everything all the time)
  2. From a fashion perspective, more than four or five resolutions is too much in one year
  3. Ensure at least one or two of your goals are focused around ongoing/long-term goals (I want to wear dressier items on an everyday basis)
  4. If not directly, your goals should have some financial considerations
  5. (Not essential but...) I try to have a goal that involves my love affair with my primary color palettes