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  • Jun082023

    can you choose wine based on your style ethos?

    I say, "Why not?!" Now, as I understand it, the bigger/bolder the wine, the more a meatier piece of protein…

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  • May012020

    wine time!

    What else can I do while I'm home to unwind in the evening? "They" say you're supposed to maintain some…

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  • Sep072016

    Autumn Drinks

    It's just about that think sweaters, layering, fire pits and fall drinks (something to add a touch of warmth…

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  • May172016

    Highberry Sauvignon Blanc

    It won't be long before I'm headed back to South Africa (fingers crossed it's sooner than later) but in the…

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  • Jan192016

    2015 in Review: Top Food Crazes

    2015 saw lots of "cool" terms and the rise of a number of food trends. The top ones included: "locally…

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  • Dec212015
    mockingbird hill, sherry and ham bar

    Mockingbird Hill: Wine, Sherry, Ham

    Those are all lovely words to feast on... And apparently can all be found at Mockingbird Hill, a new Sherry…

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  • Dec102015

    Using My Birthday Gift For The Holidays

    Y'all know I got a crock pot (aka slow cooker) for my birthday right? My sister got me a fancy one…

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  • Oct072015

    On The Road: Carry-on Cocktail Kit

    On your next long flight (mine is coming up next week so I've already put my order in...), skip the…

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  • Aug282015
    The Source, Denver food marketplace

    On The Road: Food Market in Denver

    Acorn. Babettes. Beet & Yarrow. Boxcar Coffee. Roasters. Collegiate Peaks Bank. Comida. Crooked Stave. Jennifer Olson Photography. Slow Food Denver.…

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  • Aug192015
    Wine Spectator, Belle Glos, pinot noir

    Wine-o: Belle Glos Pinot Noir

    It's dark, yummy and full-bodied without being tannin-y (if that's a word). During a recent three-day trip to Kent Island,…

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  • Aug132015
    Wilhelmina peppermints, Dutch, candies

    On The Road: Wilhelmina in Amsterdam

    Next time you're in Schiphol Airport or passing through, look for and purchase the old-fashioned, Wilhelmina peppermint candies. Stamped with…

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  • Jul272015
    Stanley's Pharmacy, New York City

    On The Road: New York City Drug Cocktails

    We all love the Big Apple and there's always something new to discover while moving about the overcrowded, opportunistic city.…

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  • Jul092015
    Bar du Marche, Buenos Aires

    On The Road: Buenos Aires’ Secret Staircase

      Buenos Aires is known for its meat and rightly so. It's so yummy, tender and tasty. Their newest addition…

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  • Apr132015

    Travel Too….Vietnam: Let’s Talk Fa-la-la-la-la Vietnamese Pho

    Pho, pronounced "fa" or "fuh", is a traditional Vietnamese soup with flavorful garnishes. I had it as part of just…

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  • May232014

    The Perfect Cup of Iced Coffee

    I like coffee (see previous post about "Morning Beats & Reading Treats") so when I saw this video on PureWow,…

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