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Mockingbird Hill: Wine, Sherry, Ham

Mockingbird Hill: Wine, Sherry, Ham
2015/12/21 Better Blueprint

Those are all lovely words to feast on...

And apparently can all be found at Mockingbird Hill, a new Sherry and ham bar. If my girlfriend Sandra were reading this right now, I think she'd be happy! The owners are the same fab folks who own the Columbia Room and the Passenger so that says a lot.

Not only are there 50 Sherries to try out but each glass comes with free snacks and your cured ham starts at $5 per serving. I'll plan to update this post after I partake of their Tuesday night class.

Stay tuned!

Mockingbird Hill: 1843 7th St NW, 202-316-9396

mockingbird hill, sherry and ham bar