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Highberry Sauvignon Blanc

Highberry Sauvignon Blanc
2016/05/17 Better Blueprint

Wine by the glass

It won't be long before I'm headed back to South Africa (fingers crossed it's sooner than later) but in the meantime, I'm soaking up the culture including the wine.

I had a chance to sample the Highberry Sauvignon Blanc wine from new winery owned, in part, by Jabulani Ntshangase (a big shot in South Africa's wine world). It's not something I would normally buy at $55 a bottle so the chance to taste the crisp and refreshing white was welcome.

I'm not a sommelier nor do I have a refined palate but I like good tasting wine and this was that!

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In the meantime, if someone offers you some Highberry Sauvignon just say "yes"....

Highberry Sauv Blanc