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2015 in Review: Top Food Crazes

2015 in Review: Top Food Crazes
2016/01/19 Better Blueprint
{ko sasaki, the washington post}

{ko sasaki, the washington post}

2015 saw lots of "cool" terms and the rise of a number of food trends. The top ones included:

  1. "locally sourced" - if it wasn't local or nearby apparently it was no good....
  2. kale - it was in almost everything you ate...for the earlier part of the year
  3. pomegranate - one of the super foods
  4. outsourced grocery shopping - we are a nation of conveniences so the idea of ordering food that could be delivered in the right portion size was awesome sauce! Yay Blue Apron!
  5. cauliflower - cauliflower needed a facelift in the form of steaks and what not!
  6. small portions - perhaps we became aware that we're obese as a culture but small plates and tapas had a huge run!

Any guesses on what's the hot stuff for 2016?!