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  • Jul272016

    Fabric Care: Ultra-suede

    It's the last day of our 5-part series on fabric care and today we finish up with ultrasuede and suede.…

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  • Jul262016

    Fabric Care: Leather

    For day four, the fabric care is focusing on of the most prevalent fabrics, one of the most luxe,…

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  • Jul252016

    Fabric Care: Cashmere

    Again, you can't treat your cashmere like it's cotton (it's my favorite and equally as versatile as wool) for today's…

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  • Jul222016

    Fabric Care: Wool

    Day two of fabric care is about wool. Wool is versatile and contrary to popular notions, it's the ideal fabric…

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  • Jul212016

    Fabric Care: Silk

    You cannot treat your cashmere like your cotton t-shirt! Over the next five days, we'll share the best methods for…

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  • Dec042012

    Style Tip: Stains

    Whether you acquired it before you left the house or while at lunch, stains create the appearance of messiness and…

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  • Sep022009

    What is the Most All-American Fabric You Can Think Of?

    Day 7: Denim.  Denim is timeless, versatile and chic; and a staple in every wardrobe.  Denim can be washed at…

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  • Sep012009

    Guess What Fabric is Silky Smooth?

    Day 6: Silk.  It's a natural fiber and has a sheer, delicate and translucent look to the material.  In summer,…

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  • Aug312009

    The Perfect Fabric for Frequent Fliers

    Day 5: Polyester.  Polyester is making a comeback with interesting textures like crushed silk and knits which are now imitating…

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  • Aug302009

    What is Viscose? Do I Have Any Clothes with It?

    Day 4: Viscose.  Viscose is easily blended with other fibers such as satin but, it is very difficult to get…

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  • Aug292009

    ‘Cotton is King’ or So They Said in the South!

    Day 3: Cotton.  Cotton is king if you live in a warm climate--it breathes as opposed to generating extra heat…

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  • Aug282009

    Loving Linen…Gently

    Day 2: Linen.  Linen has a life of its own and can drape wonderfully if it is of high quality.  It…

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