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‘Cotton is King’ or So They Said in the South!

‘Cotton is King’ or So They Said in the South!
2009/08/29 Maya H.

Day 3: Cotton.  Cotton is king if you live in a warm climate--it breathes as opposed to generating extra heat for the body.  Whether in its crisp form, poplin, or its softer form, sateen, its multi-faceted and versatile.

  • Cotton comes in several gauges from lightweight summer fabrics to heavy duty denim.
  • Although cooler temperatures are better, cotton can be washed at all temperatures.  For whites, the hottest temperature possible is best to boost whiteness.
  • Don't wash drip-dry cottons at high temperatures.
  • Similar to linen, ironing cotton when slightly damp gives the best results.
  • When storing for the winter, add a sachet of lavender--it's an excellent insect repellent and retains its scent for several months.