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Loving Linen…Gently

Loving Linen…Gently
2009/08/28 Maya H.

Day 2: Linen.  Linen has a life of its own and can drape wonderfully if it is of high quality.  It is one of the coolest fibers to wear for the summer climate...and we need that in DC!

  • Linen can be treated as a hardwearing fiber, but it can stretch or lose shape if not cared for properly.
  • The fiber washes and wears well as long as it's ironed at high temperatures.  Avoid overloading the machine because it has a tendency to crease during the wash cycle.
  • Line-drying linen is a great ideal as using a dryer can dry out the fibers excessively.
  • Linen looks best when ironed damp on the wrong side and then on the right side.
  • Zip up zippers to avoid pulls or snags!