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Fabric Care: Ultra-suede

Fabric Care: Ultra-suede
2016/07/27 Better Blueprint

It's the last day of our 5-part series on fabric care and today we finish up with ultrasuede and suede. Before the tips, let's make sure you understand the difference between the two: ultrasuede is a trademarked brand of micro-suede which is really a type of microfiber created from 100% polyester; and suede is leather only a specific finish of leather!

Here's how to care for this stuff:

  • Machine-wash ultrasuede/micro-suede/microfiber on delicate cycle using Woolite
  • Line dry or tumble dry those fabrics on low
  • Use medium-bristle suede brush to lightly brush suede (and ultrasuede)
  • To remove stains from ultrasuede, rub with Woolite and water to form suds, and rinse
  • To remove stains from suede, find a leather cleaner!!
{ultrasuede fabric}

{ultrasuede fabric}