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  • Sep102020

    how-to remove a coffee stain

    I love coffee️but it stains! And I'm not just talking about your teeth - a wrong move or a hearty…

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  • Jun202017

    Little White Dress

    It's summer and one of the easiest ways to keep cool is with lighter colors and moisture-wicking fabrics....enter the little…

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  • Jul272016

    Fabric Care: Ultra-suede

    It's the last day of our 5-part series on fabric care and today we finish up with ultrasuede and suede.…

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  • Jul262016

    Fabric Care: Leather

    For day four, the fabric care is focusing on of the most prevalent fabrics, one of the most luxe,…

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  • Jul222016

    Fabric Care: Wool

    Day two of fabric care is about wool. Wool is versatile and contrary to popular notions, it's the ideal fabric…

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  • Sep212015

    Royal Sneaker Treatment

    There ARE rules to ensure your sneakers look their best. Treat them right by: Sneakers you exercise in ≠…

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  • Jan272012

    Caring For Your Clothing

    If you invest in your clothes then you'll want them to pay off....makes sense at least. Men, here are the…

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