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Put a Bowtie around this Men’s Furnishing Item

Put a Bowtie around this Men’s Furnishing Item
2009/12/03 Maya H.

Vittorio J tiesJesse Chao is genius.  As the founder and lead designer of Vittorio J, he's involved in every aspect of the process and the result.  Every tie is (1) handmade, (2) of the most luxurious materials, and (3) made in very small quantities (some only have 2 per pattern)!!

I love the tie patterns and, although I don't claim to be the best tie-picker-outer, Jesse and Vittorio J make it easy -- the colors are vibrant and varied, the patterns are fresh and modern yet have a classic feel, and they feel sumptuous to the touch.  Admittedly, they are a little pricey at $150 but, Blueprint for Style has an 'inside scoop' with Jesse Chao...the man, the legend!

Blueprint for Style readers can pick up their own Vittorio J tie for up to 70% off - that's a handmade (almost) one of a kind tie for just $40 if you head to Vittorio's etsy site.  In addition, if you're in the NYC area, head to Imparali on Fifth Avenue and you'll be automatically entered to win a bespoke suit valued at $1000!

Now...why aren't you clicking on the Vittorio J link to grab your little piece of handmade sophistication like Kevin Garnett or Pharrell?

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