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  • Feb132018

    ties, scotch tape & politics

    We don't need to talk politics but alas your Commander in Chief made a fashion faux pas that requires our…

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  • Nov102011

    Step 3 To A Wardrobe WInter Wonderful (There Are 8)

    Step 3: Knot This The slipknot is easy, unisex, and stylish...and most importantly, it gets the job done! Every gent…

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  • Jun072010

    Vittorio J Ties are Timeless

    Men's furnishings are really the glue that holds a dapper don together.  Imagine stylish Sean Connery without a fabulous belt...or…

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  • Apr212010

    An Essential Summer Tie

    411: J Crew • color: bone grey • $39.99 • will look fabulous with standard navy, camel and seersucker!

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  • Feb262010

    A Bright Spot on the Men’s Map

    Brightly striped ties are the next spring trend.  Amazingly, many of the style trends for men this fall are focused…

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  • Dec032009

    Put a Bowtie around this Men’s Furnishing Item

    Jesse Chao is genius.  As the founder and lead designer of Vittorio J, he's involved in every aspect of the…

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  • Oct232009

    Tie Designer, David Hart

    From Scottish tartans to 50s girlie designs, David Hart has covered the gamet so, his Spring 2010 collection was an…

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  • Jul092009

    Ties, Shirts & Suits – How To Make Them Work…

    I have some definite know-how when it comes to pulling men’s business attire together but, I don’t know it all. …

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