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Vittorio J Ties are Timeless

Vittorio J Ties are Timeless
2010/06/07 Maya H.

Men's furnishings are really the glue that holds a dapper don together.  Imagine stylish Sean Connery without a fabulous belt...or Denzel Washington sans a haute tie.....or Samuel Jackson less a hat - - kinda of hard huh?  They are all stylish men in their own right but, none are themselves without the smaller accouterments that finish their look! 

What we're saying is it's the small items that finish the big picture.  Jesse is the creator of Vittorio J ties, one of those small items that has such a big impact.  To get yours (actually two), simply (1) post a comment to tell us which Vittorio J tie you like the best and (2) become a fan of Vittorio J on Facebook.  It's that easy -- and on June 16th, we'll announce the winner of two Vittorio J ties!  In the meantime, read all about Jesse and his fabulous ties below.If you talked with Jesse, you'd have a new found respect and love for the work he make men stylish, one at a time.  A tie is just a tie is just a tie, right?  But wait, Vittorio J ties have a few essential elements in the mix: craftsmanship, innovative designs, and exclusivity.  They are painstakingly thought out and designed so the guy in the next office isn't wearing the same thing.  After his first client was secured, Jesse thought "One down, a million more to go!" 

And he's honest too - - when asked what his one must-have would be if stuck on an island, you'd think he'd say one of his ties (and we know he'd be lying....) but, he said his To Boot Turner two-tone brown leather shoes; which he loves and takes care of like they're his child!  Beyond growing up in the midst of fashion and loving it from the start, Jesse's day-to-day inspirations come from the streets of NYC with its many colors and patterns.

Next up for Vittorio J is the Exclusives Collection: hand-numbered limited edition ties, handmade bar tacks and Ossiticina oil, yarn count 50% higher than the industry standard, double slip-stitching to prevent wrinkles, exposed loop accessible at the wider end, and Italian silk.

Jesse is all set to be famous: he takes his contact with every person very seriously so don't be surprised to get a quick tweet or Facebook hello from him along the way....and now is your chance to get two pieces of his fastly ascending star!  Quick -- click -- post -- and be entered to win!