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Raise Your Hand If You’ve Heard of #LeWeb

Raise Your Hand If You’ve Heard of #LeWeb
2011/12/09 Better Blueprint

Quietly, I am certain a full 80% of you (maybe more) are raising your hand for real or in your mind. No worries ~ until a month or so ago, I was clueless about LeWeb too. I went to the site, tooled around, saw a phenomenal lineup of social media giants, and decided that I needed to be there because fashion and technology are bound to intersect on more global and large-scale manner, and I want to know when and how to get in on it!

After two full days of Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Apple, Renault, and Evernote to mention a few (OMG, I am in love with Evernote Hello which was just announced earlier today...and let's you create browsable histories of individuals, share experiences, and catalog encounters!), I am convinced that the collision course of fashion and technology is underway now. Let's see

  • Karl Lagerfeld said it!
  • Observe all of the fantastic apps popping up for fashionistas, designers and the like (Brushes, Netrobe, Net-a-Porter's exclusive online boutique called KARL)
  • The rapid proliferation of e-commerce components for most major brands and retailers (...although Club Monaco has yet to make the leap ~ I wonder how much money they're losing?)
  • Companies focused on social and mobile fashion tools like 360Fashion
  • The use of mobile apps in everyday discussion and networking ~ I have yet to meet a fashion industry person not fully tuned into Evernote, Pinterest and Instagram to name a few!

I will begin providing a few key stats and data from Socialbakers because I need you all to watch the connection happen right before our eyes....thanks LeWeb!.