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My Top Ten Favorite Style Blogs

My Top Ten Favorite Style Blogs
2015/03/06 Better Blueprint


WhoWhatWear - when I am feeling uninspired, I go here because the team of writers covers every possible scenario you can think of and although it slants toward twenty and thirty-somethings, there's all luscious tidbits to find
Cheetah is the New Black - this blog does 'laidback but curated' to a capitol T! And the owner just opened up her store in Cali
could I have that? - she has a leaning toward west coast casual but I love her most for her jewelry and accessories
Mizhattan - NYCs best sales and sample sales
All the Pretty Birds - yummy because she just finds the prettiest stuff and shares it in a slightly obtuse manner
Le Catch - always outfits and while I may not like some of the looks, this blog does an excellent job at pushing you just outside the "classic chic" bell curve
Textbook - it's a picture walk through what men should aspire to do...when on style autopilot!
Rank & Style - they rank everything you can think of from lipstick to workout gear to the best skinny jeans...just everything! So less website and more awesome repository....
Dapper Lou - you'll be enamored not only with the layout but how he manages to capture the essence of dapper for any given men's style element. One of my favorites!
He Spoke Style - he does more than style...more lifestyle and I appreciate that he does the finer points of manly style without going metrosexual. And he's just down the road in B'more!

What are yours?

P.S.- Jennifer B., which ones of these is new to you?!