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  • Nov132012

    Karl Lagerfeld Sketches President Obama

    Karl Lagerfeld extemporaneously draws President Obama in chef whites holding a cake of the White House in front of the…

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  • Aug302012

    Liking Luscious, Ladylike Leather This Season

    Leather is running rampant this season and to keep it sleek and feminine, the runways and concrete walkways are sporting…

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  • Jan252012

    Ready Your Browser for KARL

    Today at 10:30am EST, Karl Lagerfeld's line, KARL, launches on the Net-a-Porter website! Here's what we know: KARL is exclusive…

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  • Dec092011

    Raise Your Hand If You’ve Heard of #LeWeb

    Quietly, I am certain a full 80% of you (maybe more) are raising your hand for real or in your…

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  • Dec072011

    Karl Lagerfeld Shares A Bit of Himself At #LeWeb

    The first speaker at LeWeb was Karl Lagerfeld. I was determined to make it from the airport (CDG) since I…

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  • Dec062011

    I’m off to Paris & @LeWeb

    LeWeb is Europe's largest social media and internet event and yours truly, Blueprint for Style, was chosen as an Official…

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  • Sep222009

    Karl Lagerfeld – Style Icon

    To be a good fashionista or fashionelle, you must know your designers because the clothing and accessories you love typically…

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