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Karl Lagerfeld Shares A Bit of Himself At #LeWeb

Karl Lagerfeld Shares A Bit of Himself At #LeWeb
2011/12/07 Better Blueprint

The first speaker at LeWeb was Karl Lagerfeld. I was determined to make it from the airport (CDG) since I landed around 7am local time....and I did! As a wardrobe stylist and image consultant, it was clearly going to be one of the highlights for the entire social media event; and I was anxious to see how Karl shared the connection between fashion and technology. While he doesn't proclaim to be able to provide insight, here are some stylish gems that we can all marinate on:

  • (Personally) Karl has 4 iPhones that he carries in a dark leather Celine case (along with several iPods, an iPad and pen) ~ with over 20 or 30 iPads, he is definitely connected a bit
  • Conversely, he doesn't access email much!
  • In spite of his love of technology, he is a self-proclaimed paper junky ... he loves books
  • Technology and fashion are like television and theatre ~ they can coexist

Karl Lagerfeld sketches himself

All of the stories I've heard about his narcissism and ego-manical manners made me pensive about whether he could provide any illumination, yet he succeeded! In reality, he had a bit of a humorous personality that peeled through. I'm hyped that I made it and even as I write this in a bit of a jetlagged fog, I smile and chuckle at Karl's comment (as he sketched freehand on his iPad app), "there are more important things than fashion but because we don't walk around naked, we need fashion."

Oh yeah ~ Natalie Massanet (Net-a-Porter Founder and Chairman) jumped on stage to share a bit of late breaking news: in conjunction with Karl Lagerfeld, Net-a-Porter will launch an online "accessible" boutique called KARL on January 25, 2012.

Stay tuned!