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Karl Lagerfeld – Style Icon

Karl Lagerfeld – Style Icon
2009/09/22 Maya H.

Karl Lagerfeld_2To be a good fashionista or fashionelle, you must know your designers because the clothing and accessories you love typically carry the "signature" of some past (or present) Style Icon.  So, today's lesson is about Karl Lagerfeld whom I happen to admire for his stoic mannerism, his penchant for turning clothing into art, his less than humble beginnings, and his proclivity for black and white!

  • Karl Lagerfeld was born in 1938 in Hamburg, Germany to a wealthy family
  • In 1954, he won the Wool Secretariat for a wool coat (Yves Saint Laurent won an award for a dress in the same contest)
  • Lagerfeld has worked for Balmain, Patou, Krizia, Chloe and Fendi (where would Fendi furs be today?!)
  • Lagerfeld and Chloe ended their relationship in 1997 when Chloe was taken over by Stella McCartney
  • Lagerfeld currently designs for his own label, Chanel and furs for Fendi
  • Karl is an avid photographer
  • He speaks English, French, German and Italian
  • Trademarks: sunglasses, white-haired ponytail, and a fan
  • Cooky fact: Karl is not a fan of fat people, although he used to be a little 'meaty' himself!

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