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Tie Designer, David Hart

Tie Designer, David Hart
2009/10/23 Maya H.

From Scottish tartans to 50s girlie designs, David Hart has covered the gamet so, his Spring 2010 collection was an open question mark -- well, no more.  The collection is made from Thomas Mason coton shirting instead of the typical wool or silk -- the result?  The ties are somewhat wrinkled; Hart says "You have the option of pressing your tie and having a crisp, neat look."

From a stylist's perspective and spoken by a true Image Consultant, stick with a pressed tie when worn with a business suit but, feel free to venture into alternative realms for after-hours and weekend sophisticated.

These ties will be available in February at Bergdorf Goodman Men's Store for a mere $115

David Hart ties

[story made available courtesy of The GQ Eye].