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Manly Monday Style Meter

Manly Monday Style Meter
2010/06/21 Maya H.

A stylish start to the week from last week’s lessons learned…..

  • Expression: the ability to verbally express or communicate one's feelings is actually a human trait...not some thing reserved just for women!
  • Color Me Bad: adding colors to your wardrobe through men's furnishings such as ties, socks, bow ties, suspenders and shirts is fabulous but, might we recommend you not do it all at once?
  • White: the singing duo Outkast has a song talking about "...ain't nobody dope as me; I'm just so fresh, so clean..."  We believe they had just finished purchasing a slew of white button downs because there are few things more refreshing than crisp white

See.  Do.  Be.  Dapper.