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Winner: Goldenbleu Handbag

Winner: Goldenbleu Handbag
2010/06/18 Maya H.
  • Entry Requirements: post a comment stating why you love Blueprint for Style 
  • Prize:red Goldenbleu handbag
  • Winner: Krissy B
  • Winning Answer:  How can you NOT like Blueprint for Style??? There are so few sites who show how to be economical with your style. I check this site numerous times daily. Their tips are like a god-send and how they show you exactly where you can save amazes me! The writers on this site keep me intrigued and even when I have no reason to shop, I do because of how they convey items. Thanks for all that you do in helping everyday people still look amazing and stylish!!!!!
  • Note: truth be told, we loved ALL of the comments but, in the end, it was a random drawing that allowed Krissy B to luck up!