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What’s the Difference Anyway?

What’s the Difference Anyway?
2010/06/17 Maya H.

As GI Joe says, "knowing is half the battle" so, which magazine should you be reading, and what does each one give you?  Here's our fashionable insight on the differences between the men's fashion mags:

  • Details: covers everything from culture and trends, style, celebrities and entertainment, and sex and relationships. it has features like "daily details" that gives light tidbits on food, movies, celeb watching, weird world news. the style section is light and does a lot of Top 3/5/10. the information relates to more casual wear than anything else, and seems to be geared toward a slightly younger set (a la 20s, 30s).
  • Esquire: focuses much more on stylish living including restaurants, books, reviews, fashion, and hot happenings. the articles are much meatier, cover real subjects and almost Vanity Fair-esque in how they read. here again, the style section has a lot of Top 3/5/10 but the style and price points are more high-brow and slightly dressier.
  • GQ: hits on areas from style to women to sports and entertainment to food and travel, and everything in between.  you'll find one or two lengthier articles but they keep most to 1-pagers. the style section is my favorite with lots of lists, 10-point plans, essentials and bargains sprinkled amongst the pricier items. it's very European in it's approach and clothing recommendations so big men may not love this unless they have funds.

Overall, we'd say grab Esquire for the plane and to understand what stylish living is and GQ because the information is great for any age group.  Just hit Details online.... Did we miss anything?!  Do you agree or have other insights to share....please do.