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A Warning About BaubleBar!

A Warning About BaubleBar!
2013/08/16 Better Blueprint
Baublebar, lucite, jewelry, necklaces

{Nebula lucite bib, $36}

I love jewelry. It adds to any outfit and, in most cases, works to complete your look. I'm a little bit of a girly girl, so I like all things shiny, bright, big, and fun.

As a stylist, I constantly tell my clients to think about statement pieces whether for accessories or everyday wear so when BaubleBar jumped on the scene, I feel in love!

I've recommended many pieces to clients across the last year and they've been very happy but, my warning is that you don't get swept up in the 'bling' and lose sight of the fact that it's costume jewelry.

BaubleBar works as a wonderful way to stay on-trend with fun pieces and many of them might last for years if there didn't break (I've had several pieces collapse under pressure). So love BaubleBar and admire the trendy, fun pieces they present to add to your overall look but just pepper those pieces into an already fabulous accessories repetoire because they are not meant to stand alone.

That said, here are my eight favorite pieces!!