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Eight Essentials Steps of Luxury Leather

Eight Essentials Steps of Luxury Leather
2013/08/14 Better Blueprint

ahalife, essenitals of making leather

Last week we talked about the history of leather and this week {still focused on an easy transition into fall}, I want you to know the essentials of luxury leather.

First off, I give 100% credit to ahalife for providing this information. Sharing it with you just makes you more educated and savvy when you start looking...

  1. leather and components selection ~ to make a high quality piece, you need to start with high quality hides
  2. pattern making ~ nailing the paper and cardboard versions ensure there are no design flaws in the real thing
  3. leather thinning ~ leather can vary in thickness which determine strength and softness
  4. cutting ~ this can be done by machine or by hand....{Hermes does it by hand}
  5. assembling ~ if you're using glue, you need just the right amount; and once it's glued, there's no going back!
  6. hole punching ~ small but essential work
  7. stitching ~ types of stitching can vary from machine {lock stitch} to hand {more durable than machines}
  8. edge polishing ~ wax edging and waterproofing will help ensure it maintains its aesthetic value for years

What is the one leather piece you're craving this fall? If you can't find it, maybe we can help....