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diamonds are a girl’s best friend…

diamonds are a girl’s best friend…
2017/08/14 Better Blueprint

If you clicked here from the morning report then you already know there are FIVE tests to evaluate whether your diamond is real. We talked about three already: the setting test, density water test and fog test.

The other two tests to perform are:

  1. read test: if you place your diamond flat-side down on a newspaper and can read then it's not real because a real diamond generally has too many facets and reflects light such that you cannot see through it!
  2. shine/sparkle test: this is the most difficult test because a real diamond sparkles and if you place your stone under light and it doesn't sparkle then, again, it's not real. the hard part is that it's kinda hard to distinguish between genuine sparkle and light reflection vs. CZ shine

Use these tests to ensure that you got what you paid for.....! And below click on the picture to see four fabulously brilliant examples of 'a girl's best friend!"