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Toot-Toot, Hey, Beep-Beep

Toot-Toot, Hey, Beep-Beep
2015/03/20 Better Blueprint

Donna Summer said it best and while she was talking about "Bad Girls", the same can apply for the various modes of transportation in Thailand. Check out how you can get around Chiang Mai and if you saw my Instagram then you know I tried at least two of these!!

{you can do the way a few do car BUT remember they drive on the left side!}

{who said you can't give your bestie a ride?!}

{or for about +/- 100THB you can travel in luxury using a tuk-tuk}

{if you're into "ride share" then this is your best option}

{because it picks people up along the street going in "that" direction}

{but sometimes it's just about mom scooping baby to get from A to B!}

{but grandma can do kiddie duty too!}

{the options are almost endless...}

{the traffic is frenetic but pretty orderly - you rarely hear horns!}

{but just as anywhere else, act up and you CAN get busted!}


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