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Chiang Mai, Thailand: Baan Ratchiangsaen

Chiang Mai, Thailand: Baan Ratchiangsaen
2015/03/30 Better Blueprint

{My bedroom at the Baan Ratchiangsaen - just as it's pictured!}

On a scale of 1-10 for....

  • cleanliness: 97
  • modern-ish: 9
  • inside noise level: 4 (you can hear everything; the walls are thin)
  • staff friendliness: 7 (they seemed to have been "Americanized" which means they weren't as hospitable)
  • location: 8 (the street starts out shady but it's literally one block from the south entrance of Old City)
  • American standards (we're travel snobs):

Once you get to the hotel, you will be pleasantly surprised with the decor and that they speak quite a bit of English. Although they don't seem to be as accommodating as the other hotels, the decor reads beautifully and the outside bench adjacent to your door is a wonderful place to sit and chat in the evenings.

If you can move past the intimate conversations that you can clearly hear, you'll love it!


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