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Bangkok, Thailand: What They Wear

Bangkok, Thailand: What They Wear
2015/03/10 Better Blueprint

{Lands' End floral print canvas slip-ons}

Technically, right now is the beginning of the hot season (March to June) and we're leaving the cool season (November to February) so balmy weather in the 90s in the prevailing it after the #snowoverit in Washington, DC. That said, Bangkokian are an amazingly humble people so, as you walk the streets and ride the metro/BTS train, you will not see lots of 'pomp and circumstance' but rather lots of color and warm weather clothing. Three style trends I've noted in abundance are:

  1. Fitted silhouettes- thank God for the prevailing wind of 'slim and long'; baggy isn't working here likely because the extra fabric just means heat...
  2. Monochromatic- when you see pink, everything in the outfit is in the pink family...not too "matchy" but colors within that family!
  3. Denim- no matter the heat, slim fitting denim is always in fashion. Right now, the trend is deconstructed and distressed jeans.....

Stay tuned for more Bangkok, Thailand fun! Off to cooking class...

{local band playing at Jatujak Market}


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