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Chiang Mai, Thailand: Mona Chiang Mai Hotel

Chiang Mai, Thailand: Mona Chiang Mai Hotel
2015/03/19 Better Blueprint

{Mona Chiang Mai Hotel: what you see approaching from the street/alley}

  • cleanliness: 9
  • modern-ish: 8
  • inside noise level: 7 (you can hear everything!)
  • staff friendliness: 8 (the main gent is friendly and knows english; everyone else knows not-a-lick so communication is a problem)
  • location: 5 (it's more in the city and away from Old City so I'd say more authentic but the street/alley it's on is a bit sketchy but I left my moped and it was there in the morning)
  • American standards (we're travel snobs): 6

I found the gentlemen that checked me in to be very polite - he will say "madam" to every sentence he speaks - and the breakfast was hearty (see my Instagram); and the hotel has been written up in a number of magazines too! Overall, I loved my stay and my biggest complaint was the stiff bed!!

{Mona Chiang Mai Hotel: my bedroom - love the floor!}

{Mona Chiang Mai Hotel: hotel lobby is simple and open}


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