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The True Meaning of “Arm Candy”

The True Meaning of “Arm Candy”
2011/07/29 Maya H.

Over a month ago, I was tooling aronnd online (read: working!) and came upon this fabulous looking turquoise stingray bracelet with a hot buckle at first sight! Last week (courtesy of Possess Your STYLE), I came to understand my love-at-first-sight bracelet belonged to Leighelena. I immediately contacted her to see how I could share her delicious arm candy with others!!  Read more about Leighelena -- and get ready for a fabulous giveaway we're doing starting August 1st featuring a men's stingray bracelet and women's wide buckle bracelet.

Leighelena's Men's Stingray Cuff & Women's Buckle Bracelet

How did you get started? I have been making jewelry my whole life! My mom used to do enamel work for large pieces, mainly wall hangings. I started making jewelry when she would take her pieces to art shows around the Southwest. I started beading things and putting them in a little bowl on her table and selling them this way when I was in elementary school.

What is your one splurge/personal indulgence item? Leighelena python belt

On a deserted island, what is your one fashion must-have? Lip gloss (shiny lips are an excellent choice)

What's your favorite wardrobe piece? A great pair of broken in western boots. Mine are a beautiful bourdeaux eel skin pair of Tony Lama's that were my mom's in the early 70s. [OMG- I do not own a pair....a great reason to go shopping!]

What new items are coming for Leighelena? We are launching "Crowns" by Leighelena. We have taken our favorite elements and created a line of interchangeable jewelry. We will use both enamels and skins and for Fall we will have pendants and rings!

What is your lust item? What should every woman own? Every woman should own an expensive designer handbag. I am loving the Current/Elliott leather leggings. [Whew- I have some!]

Besides being into raw sugar, what is your secret food craving? Italian

Besides the yummy arm candy bracelts and cuffs, what should we grab right away because it's 'sellin like hot cakes'? This season we have already had great success with the 1.5" belts, people are loving them!

Last question...where can we go to see you in action? We have two shops in Austin, and of course, online here.