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  • Aug072015
    mens suiting, professional suits, what to wear

    #MensWear2Work Advice

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  • Feb232015

    Fashion Mistakes Most Men Make

    I recently conducted a style evaluation from a young gentlemen who claimed he wanted to move his style from junior…

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  • Jun162014
    McDermott, GQ, suits

    MANly Monday: Tailoring Needed

    This one isn't hard and it's a lesson that GQ kindly shared with us. Tailoring is essentially and the smallest…

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  • Apr212014
    suit jacket-construction

    Suit Jacket Construction: What You Need to Know, Part 3

    Full Canvas. This is typically used for bespoke and MTM (made to measure) This construction calls a lot to make…

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  • Apr142014
    suit jacket-construction

    Suit Jacket Construction: What You Need to Know, Part 2

    Fully Fused. Most common type of suit for off-the-rack purchases Uses glue and makes for a stiff-looking jacket Counter the…

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  • Sep132012

    The “Know” on Wearing A Suit Well

    According to Patrick Grant, owner of Norton & Sons and E. Tautz (Saville Row mainstays), your suit jacket should "....…

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  • Jul262012

    Gentlemen’s Q&A

    Question: I need a "summer suit" and already have a khaki one. Is that enough? Do I need something else?…

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  • Jul172012

    Well Suited for Style

    The right suit highlights your physical upsides and downplays your shortcomings....does yours? If you don't get Esquire, here's an easy cut-out…

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  • Jul052012

    Men’s Summer Suit Q&A

    Question: Should I wear wool in the summer? Any tips on the right colors? Answer: Yes; and yes. The right…

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  • Jan162012

    Perfect Starter Suit For Any Young Man

    Today is your lucky day! Mr. Porter is having a huge sale and this fabulous, slim-to-fit navy blue, single-button pinstripe wool…

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  • Oct122011

    Can I Wear Sneakers With My Suit?

    If you're going more formal, stick with darker sneakers Keep the sneakers simple and clean...even though patent leather looks hot!…

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  • Oct062011

    Proper Suit Fit

    Now is a great time to think of buying a suit just make sure you've got the right information to…

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  • Sep072011

    Double Dog Dare You….

    I'm sure we mentioned this at some point, but the double-breasted suit is back. It's nothing innovative and it shouldn't…

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  • Jul142011

    Wedding Sucker!

    Seersucker is a southern gentlemen staple, but let's bring it north.  This is very rakish but choose to tone it…

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  • Jul062011

    Pocket Square to Suit

    This combo is classically edgy: the neutral suit pairs nicely with the powder blue shirt; and the light yellow stripes in…

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  • Jun282011

    Sizzlin’ Summer Style Q&A: Rules for the Seasons

    Q: Typically, in 4 season climates, summer staples like seersucker, linen, spectator shoes, etc. are worn ONLY between Memorial Day…

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  • Jun242011

    How Often Do I Clean My Suits?

    Not often...unless you don't want them for very long. Unless it's visibily stained or has an odor, try spot cleaning…

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  • Jun082011

    New Career Opp But Same Old Wardrobe

    If you sport a suit to work most days, but need to dress-it-down for a new job or interview here's…

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  • Jun072011

    NBA’s New Dress Code

    Just the opinion of one stylist but.....why didn't the new NBA dress code nix the 5-button suit?!  If you want to avoid…

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  • Jun032011

    Does Your Suit Suit Your Shape?

    If you're not a suitmaker's dream (a Drop Six which means your chest is six inches larger than your waist), then…

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  • Jun012011

    What’s the Perfect Fit for My Suit?

    Big question with a long answer -- so, we'll break it up into segments! The ideal construction would have layered…

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  • May312011

    How Many Suits Do I Need to Own….Again?

    First the four foundationalss of every man’s wardrobe: Solid Charcoal, Solid Navy, Charcoal Pinstripe, Navy Pinstripe.  These four classics will…

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  • May062011

    Melt in Your Mouth Not in Your Hands

    This chocolate men's summer suit featured in GQ is spot-on! Dark brown is too hot, camel is an everyday treat, but this…

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  • May042011

    A Not-Quite-White Suit

    Can there ever be a summer without at least rocking your summer 'whites' once?  To avoid looking like you're part…

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  • May022011

    Lovely Linen Suiting

    This summer's suiting for men needs to be hot but keep you looking cool.  A linen suit is a staple,…

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