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Gentlemen’s Q&A

Gentlemen’s Q&A
2012/07/26 Better Blueprint

Question: I need a "summer suit" and already have a khaki one. Is that enough? Do I need something else? What else could possibly be out there for me to try...and to quiet my girlfriend?

Answer: Khaki is great choice for summer especially in a Super 100 material. The other two truly summer options are a white suit {a la Colonel Sanders} and seersucker {a la a deep South tradition}. The white suit can make you look like a bit of a dandy unless you do a patterned shirt and tie ~ the best option is a shirt with a little bit of white in it but more color. For the seersucker suit, you can keep it more Northern by going without a tie. Don't complicate it - keep it simple.

{photo from GQ}