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  • May182015

    MANly Monday: Style Quote

    “Summer suits aren’t supposed to last your whole life – wrap your head around the fact that you’ll probably only…

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  • Jul262012

    Gentlemen’s Q&A

    Question: I need a "summer suit" and already have a khaki one. Is that enough? Do I need something else?…

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  • Jul142011

    Wedding Sucker!

    Seersucker is a southern gentlemen staple, but let's bring it north.  This is very rakish but choose to tone it…

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  • Jul082010

    Cool Kid in the Hot City

    Suit, $200 by Topman Bowtie, $20 by Topman Shoes, $380 by Common Projects Outfit courtesy of GQ Notes: bowtie substitute…

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  • May122010

    More Tips on Men’s Summer Suiting

    Keys for "The Minimalist": • The Great White Way -- It's impossible to go wrong with a white dress shirt—as…

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  • May102010

    Suit Up Men!!

    But it's spring (almost summer) time so, suiting up must be done with care -- with cotton!  To pull off…

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