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Sizzlin’ Summer Style Q&A: Rules for the Seasons

Sizzlin’ Summer Style Q&A: Rules for the Seasons
2011/06/28 Maya H.

Q: Typically, in 4 season climates, summer staples like seersucker, linen, spectator shoes, etc. are worn ONLY between Memorial Day and Labor day.  What is the rule for warmer geographies that experience only one or two seasons?  From Anthony

A: Thank you for asking such an excellent question, Anthony!  Really, we're dealing with a two season issue here because most people regardless of where they live dress for two seasons—fall/winter and spring/summer—and then combine pieces for the unpredictable weather in between these seasons.  So your summer staples can actually be worn from the start of spring/summer season into fall as the weather permits. Here are our tips to dress for the seasons:

  • Wool gabardine is great for two-season areas (very versatile).

    Ralph Lauren Black Label Anthony Wool Gabardine Suit

  • A lighter cotton in summer is essential. In warmer geographies, a lightweight cotton will go the extra mile from  mid-spring through mid-fall (weather permitting).

    Prada khaki cotton 2-button suit with flat front pants

  • Try a worsted wool if it's chilly out (will get you from mid-fall all the way through spring).

    Hart Schaffner Marx Navy Worsted Wool Suit