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Well Suited for Style

Well Suited for Style
2012/07/17 Better Blueprint

The right suit highlights your physical upsides and downplays your shortcomings....does yours? If you don't get Esquire, here's an easy cut-out they did a while back that kinda hit the nail on the (proverbial) head ~ we tweaked it a bit but the bones remain.

You are… You want… You should avoid…
Long & Lean (e.g., Barack Obama) horizontal lines to create breath/broadness; three-button jackets that match the scale of your torso vertical lines (they emphasize your height); tight suits and jackets (they highlight your thinness/lankiness)
Short & Lean (e.g., Tom Cruise) two-button suit jackets in proportion to your torso; thicker fabrics that add heft anything baggy or loose (brings attention to your size); all black (draws you "in" and diminishes stature)
Shorty & Stocky (e.g., Danny DeVito) single-button suits with a deep v at the chest to create a longer torso; anything v-neck adds length horizontal lines or plaids (which create more girth and lessens height); wide pants or cuffs (creates weight)
Big & Tall (e.g., Andre the Giant) pants with cuffs (to break up the length); pants with shallow pleats; dark suits horizontal lines (highlight your girth); vertical lines (they make you appear even taller)