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  • Jan182019

    buenos aires is calling me!

    Truth be told, Buenos Aires is not really calling me - but it did call for one of my besties so,…

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  • Apr282016

    Six Must-See Movies For Fashion Lovers

    Do you love fashion? Are you as committed to the cause as the fashionista next to you? If so, then…

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  • Sep202012

    The Convergence of Technology & Fashion

    I call it stylish tech, but it is truly about how two disparate enterprises have collided, converged, and coalesced into…

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  • Dec122011

    Two-Pronged Tech Plan

    I am riding high after attending LeWeb in Paris (Europe's largest social media & internet conference). Why? LeWeb gave me…

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  • Nov112010

    Tokyo Fashion: Lesson Learned….

    For most Americans, Tokyo is expensive.  Consider this: a tall Starbucks soy chai with flavoring (I get french vanilla) is…

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  • Feb012010

    February – What’s Ahead?

    Blueprint for Style is continuing its mission to make as many people as possible more fashion-aware and style-savvy! The month of…

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  • Jul162009

    How To: Move From the Latest Fashion Trend to Classic Style

    Sometimes it can be difficult to take what we see on the runways, or in the magazines and television, or…

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  • Jul092009

    Ongoing Discussion: What Is Fashion? What Is Style?

    I have often used the words "fashion" and "style" interchangeably but, I'm not sure they mean the same thing....or do…

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  • Jul042009

    Elle Does It for $823 – How About a 50% Discount?

    In Elle’s Fashion Spotlight section focused on “Summer Interview Style”, they show the following out for $823.30 for 4 pieces. …

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